Established 2020

The ethos of the Mountain Marathon Series is to keep things raw and grounded. We are going to look to the Mountains and the Earth for our pleasure. We aim to bring a good “karma” to each race village which will be set up in a simple, practical and warm fashion. Of course there will be a few small tents and flags and supporting sponsors adding value where they can to each event, but the focus is on the massive natural assets we challenge ourselves upon- the mountains.
While the focus is on the experience and developing our abilities and ourselves on mountain trails, the competition between the athletes will not go unnoticed. And some modest prize money will be awarded to podium positions. Age categories will also be recognized.
There is also a family element to the series in that each event offers shorter courses (21km, 10km and 5km) and each venue offers a range of different activities that friends and family can enjoy through the weekend.


To compete in the Mountain Marathon Series 2021 you must finish 4 of the 8 events. You will be allocated points according to your position. The log will be updated after each event and the runners with the fewest points will be declared the winners! Results will also be published and podiums awarded for Veteran and Master categories for both men and women.

medals & prizes

You will receive a beautiful symbolic “medal” on finishing each of the Mountain Marathon Series events.
In line with the ethos of the Series, we are only going to award relatively small amounts of prize money and small trophies. More generous prize money is awarded to the overall podium positions of the entire Series.


We are going to take a slightly different approach in opening up entries for 2021 as none of the races in the Series have yet to open. Starting on Friday we will be opening the first race in the Series (Ingeli) and each successive day we will open another. Each day we will tell a little story about how that race came to be part of the Series alongside the launch of the entries.