Teamwork and collaborations – the name of the game for 2021 and beyond…..

We all know the world has changed, but we don’t all know how to respond. What will materialize to be the “right” or “best” response will only materialize in a long time to come. I’m looking to be at peace with what transpires by acting where I can but not forcing things to happen. To move with the current of the fast-flowing river, but not ignore the chances along the way do act and do without fear. But doing this alone, is not only impossible, but lonely and not so much fun. For me it can be difficult to reach out and ask for help, I’d often try and just do it myself rather than get others involved. But this new age has meant that thinking individualism and singular efforts are of much less value than one of community.

So what then must we do….

Stop. Look around. See those around you. Listen. Talk. Discuss. Collaborate. Work as a team.

Our KZNTR team has taken a new shape recently with Nicola Rodger joining us to assist on the admin side and improve our communications. We will be announcing a few new partnerships/collabs in the near future.

This team has also allowed me to brand out into the world of smaller groups and adventurous experiences in new spaces by supporting my training to be a guide that started almost exactly a year to the day. Obviously, at that specific time, we didn’t expect things to swing the way they have, but the opportunities that have come my way through the year to prepare for this next step have been numerous. I’ll be launching the first of these experiences later this month, please email me at if you would like to be on the email list and the first to know.

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to push the boat out on this, and I’m stoked it’s finally here, regardless of the circumstances.

Mountain Marathon Series Update:

Of course a post here would not be complete without an update on MMS. We have teamed up with some great venues and organsations and most of you know and really hope to bring you each and every event. Realistically covid19 and lockdown rules are likely to interrupt some of them. We will remain as nimble and versatile as we can to bring each event and will make decisions informed by the gazetted policy and our SAAMES permit for levels 1 and 2. We will make further decisions and announcements after government has updated us on the 15th of January.

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